Case Studies
Aurigo Masterworks - Case Study
Aurigo had a very powerful software meant for managing large capital projects yet they were not able to make a significant dent in the market, primarily in the US. So we asked them why anyone would buy your software product. The answer was unsurprisingly an inside-out list of great tech features. They felt they had...
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BPL Studylite - Case Study
‘Why would I buy your inverter?’ There was no convincing answer. BPL would have been the nth competitor stuck in the similarity trap. We asked them three questions: Who do you want to build a relationship with? What do they really care about? How can you make a sustainable difference to their lives? We took...
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Jealous 21
“Why will young women buy your jeans rather than Levi’s, Pepe, CK or any other high street fashion brand?” There was no answer. In Indus League we had a client who was fearless and willing to tread where no one else had gone. So we started with a clean slate. We spent time hanging out...
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Advaith Hyundai - Case Study
The idea of the web showroom for Advaith Motors and later for three other dealerships, was triggered by the Google report on the role of the internet on car buying in India. Why do people have to come to a showroom to buy a car? All information, opinion, views, reports that is relevant is available...
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