Jealous 21

A Sexy Idea

“Why will young women buy your jeans rather than Levi’s, Pepe, CK or any other high street fashion brand?” There was no answer.

In Indus League we had a client who was fearless and willing to tread where no one else had gone. So we started with a clean slate.

We spent time hanging out with young women to understand their lives. Their relationship with their jeans and how they felt about themselves in jeans. We followed them to find out how and why they buy.

Young women love their bodies. They want other women and men of their choice to look and talk about their bodies. A well-proportioned lower body is always a talking point.

Jeans is the bottom wear of choice but they want a perfect fit that makes them look and feel sexy. We wanted to see how they figure it out.

Our research team managed to snoop around trial rooms! To our surprise we found that most of them have problems finding a pair with a perfect waist and hip fit.

We did a large anthropometric study and found three large clusters of young Indian women with different hip to waist ratios. Strangely all jeans brands had only one ratio.

That’s where the idea came from: ‘Three hip sizes for every waist size.’

We set up a process where the designers got chance to co-create the look with actual customers. Replete with all accoutrement and accessories.

Within six months sales grew 143%. And now after 5 years it’s almost a 1 billion rupee brand and one of the top three brands in its segment.

So what else is helping the brand grow? Our unwavering focus on the core consumers. We are continuously interacting with them to understand what’s trending, what’s in popular culture. Fashion, films, music, beauty, boys and looking good are conversations that we are constantly participating in through social media. The Jealous21 Facebook page is so popular that we have used it to co create with fans to design our popular range of Tee Doodler Tees and have even converted the time line to parallel fashion magazine cover. Girls are competing to feature on the timeline!

This emotional engagement with young consumers has helped differentiate Jealous 21 and grow year after year.

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