For brands & businesses that are feeling the heat! Celsius100 READ OUR CASE STUDIES Similarity is the bane of business today. Similar people making similar products at similar prices, being sold from similar outlets by similar people! And yet, the purpose of branding is to be remarkable! Being remarkable starts with thinking differently. At Celsius100, we start with the consumer and their contexts. We call this 'outside-in-thinking'. We think of new contexts and stories that can be built around the product or service. Then, we train management and operational teams to deliver a memorable experience to the consumer. READ OUR CASE STUDIES feeling the heat! for brands and businesses that are

If you don’t drive change, change will drive you out.


Confused with parity of choice, consumers are becoming increasingly indifferent to endless repackaging, and the same-ness of brands. The lesson here is that mere tinkering at the edges no longer delivers results and clearly, brands cannot continue to play the same game and expect to win.

Businesses and brands need transformation to break free from this ‘similarity trap’. At Celsius100, we ‘untrap’ the mind, turn existing wisdom on its head, to help businesses create new brand stories that leads the conversation in the category.

Powering breakthrough ideas by untrapping the mind.


We started as a brand consultancy firm in 2005, based in Bangalore, India, with a singular purpose: to inspire change through transformation of businesses and brands. Today, we are a platform that brings together experienced strategists, planners, storytellers, creative and marketing minds to help your business with everything your brand needs: Across product launches, strategic planning, Go-to-Market strategies, and more. By opening minds to new ideas. New possibilities. New contexts. New products and services. New ways to connect. New ways to grow.


Often the mind gets trapped by the tyranny of tangibles.


Every business idea has to have a context. But businesses get trapped within that context, because it’s familiar and comfortable, unable to look beyond. But the context changes with time, out in the market, in the consumer’s mind and the brand is left behind.

Brands need to reframe the context of their existence. Find new ideas in the real world to articulate a new purpose, a world-view. And deliver higher value to differentiate and win. We call this Context Engineering.

Engineering context for success.


Our starting point is defining the context of a business:

Why we do what we do? What is it we believe in? We call it Purposing that provides an outside-in perspective, and customer context. To unearth an inspirational idea and engineer a business or brand around it.


Next is to embed the breakthrough idea to make it come alive. This is where we engage with the team to inculcate a culture and design processes to deliver the breakthrough idea through products or services. And then form strategic plans on how to create and offer higher perceived value that will be endearing to customers. 

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Finally, we plan on what to do to take the products or services to the market. This is where creating the right brand narrative comes into play, in terms of branding, brand communication and brand experiences. The focus is on meticulous planning and execution in order to create the Wow! Experience across diverse touch points.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


People make or break businesses and brands. Inspired customers become brand advocates. Motivated team players turn into brand evangelists. We believe changing the game starts with transformation of the mind. To leap forward.

Ignite imagination and ideas.


No two brands are the same. Neither are their challenges.
Whatever they are, we can help you meet them.
Different business have different issues. Different brands need different solutions. That’s why we offer brand and marketing consultancy services to help companies broadly address four challenges:

“I’m launching a new product. How do I differentiate and get quick traction?”

“My brand is stuck and business growth is flat-lining. What do I do?”

“How do I use brand conversation in digital & social media to improve my brand share?”

“My people are trapped on old ways: I want new ideas and fresh thinking. But how?”

We can give you the answers to these questions. And make change happen.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and do what you love.


Brands are our passion, not a 9-5 job. Realistic and not theoretical. Keep things simple. Work fast. Be partners, not consultants. That’s who we are. And you can engage with us in any or all of the 3 ways below:

Partnership at work.


A platform for MDs and CXOs to which we bring an informed outsider’s perspective to business challenges & opportunities to engineer a new context and create impactful brand stories. We also play the role of management coaches. As a team, we have over 100+ man-years of experience in working with top management of large companies.


A platform through which we roll up our sleeves and work with your operating managers to help them perform at their peak. We bring an outside-in consumer perspective and work with managers to drive both ideation and execution at a ground level. It helps you to align the business mix to acquire consumers and add more muscle to your brand story.


A training platform for your sales teams and counter sales people through which we conduct classroom training and workshops to train them in the practice of storytelling using effective frameworks and tools, including digital tools. This helps them take your brand’s story to the consumers at the point of sale and use it effectively to drive more sales. 


Business & Brand Purposing | Consumer Insight Exploration | War Games in Strategy Planning | Brand Marketing Strategy | Brand Communication | Brand Reengineering

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy | Building Brand Conversations | Building Digital Assets | Online and Mobile Customer Engagement

Mentoring & Training

Leadership Training Through Storytelling | Skills Training in Brand Marketing | Sales Training Through Use of Brand Stories

Celsius100 has been a genuine partner to us, working as our extended brand team. They have time and again shown us that they are passionate and committed to our brands.

Rachna Aggarwal
CEO, Indus League Clothing Ltd.

Working with Celsius100 has been like having them be part of our organisation. The commitment, passion, insights and ideas that the team brought to our brand has made a big difference.

Chetan Maini
Founder & CEO, Mahindra Reva

Working with Celsius100 has been a fascinating journey. I admire their passion for consumer-led strategy, their constant search for big ideas, and their evangelical zeal for breaking barriers.

Harish Bhat
MD, Tata Global Beverages

They have this amazing way of peeling away the fluff and getting to the heart of the consumer problem in any specific context and have literally built this into an art form.

Shumone Chatterjee
MD, SC Johnson India

Teamwork is the art of meshing diverse talents in perfect synchronicity to achieve one goal: success.


While all our team members believe in the power of transformation to change the destiny of businesses and brands, each of us bring into play unique professional skills and talent to win for our clients.

Depth in experience and expertise.