Advaith Hyundai - Case Study

Showroom At Home

The idea of the web showroom for Advaith Motors and later for three other dealerships, was triggered by the Google report on the role of the internet on car buying in India.

Why do people have to come to a showroom to buy a car?

All information, opinion, views, reports that is relevant is available to consumers on the net. All that remain for the consumer is to physically check out and test drive cars of their choice, decide and buy. Why can’t that be done from the comfort of their homes? And once the car is bought, everything that consumers ask from the dealer can be done through the web showroom! From buying a new car, maintaining it and then selling the used car: the customer can interact with the dealer through the entire life cycle of purchase and ownership.

‘A showroom in every home’ is a click and mortar idea that allows the car dealer to bring all the information, products and services offered and available on the net on a single, convenient platform on any mobile device. The consumer can buy any car or service offered by the dealer from the comfort of his/her home.

The click and mortar model is backed by a full web showroom team with whom the prospective consumer can deal with, giving the reassuring comfort of a face and a human voice.

Advaith Motors has backed the idea with a strong budget to promote the web showroom on the internet and social media platforms. The results speak for themselves.

The next implementation which is currently under development would enhance the platform by integrating an interactive service information system whereby the customer can get real time updates related to his car, which will facilitate transparency and efficiency that will serve to embed customer trust with the dealer.

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