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Real success comes from changing the game you play.

Because when you play the same game as the others you get caught in the 'similarity trap.'

Game-changing play calls for transformational thinking.

It is not about being incrementally bigger, faster, stronger or cheaper than the next competitor. It is not about endless repackaging of tired ideas sold at a discount. That's 'inside-out' thinking for you.

Transformation is sparked by new ideas.

The problem is we try to find right answers in the wrong places in our mind.

"I don't know that I don't know."
This is the largest part of the human mind. This is the mind that imagines, discovers, invents, creates. This is the source of inspiration and real answers.

"I know that I don't know."
Enter research. The same questions. The same answers.

"I know that I know."
This is the smallest part of the mind. We feel secure here. Sadly there are no new answers left.

Celsius100 'untraps' the mind. Helps you discover answers from exploring the unknown.

Find real insights that will spawn fresh ideas and foresights.

Transform your business by embedding new ideas that would create a sustainable difference in the lives of people you want to have a relationship with.

We call this building business 'outside-in' for success.
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