First, we get the right consumer and business contexts.
Next, we explore to find insights that would lead to
an inspiring idea.
We then embed the idea in the entire brand eco-system:
from product development to consumer touch-points.
It is the outside-in idea that helps us to differentiate a business
or a brand in the minds of consumers.

Admittedly all brands don't face the same challenge. We therefore offer consultancy services to broadly solve four issues:

"I'm launching a new product. How do I differentiate it and
get quick traction?"

"My brand is trapped, business growth is slowing down and beginning to lose share. What do I do?"

"How do I use brand conversation in digital and social media
to improve my brand share?"

"My people are stuck in old ways; I want new ideas and fresh thinking. Can you help?"

A brand in its life may face different problems. The key is to zero in on what is the specific issue and then fix the issue, fast.

That's precisely what we do at Celsius100°.

Brand Consulting Services

The sounding board

We work with CEOs and Top Management on businesses and brands encompassing Purposing, Strategy, Product Development, Brand Identity and Brand Marketing.
We also provide alternate point of view on business and brand issues.

The white board

We work with your teams on Consumer-context Engineering, New Product Development, Brand Strategy, Brand Communication and Go-to-Market Strategy.
We also provide Mentoring and Training to brand teams.

Digital Marketing Services

Online branding

Digital marketing strategy
Building brand conversation
Building a social media consciousness within organizations
Migration of offline business to online mediums
Website design
Digital advertising
Online/Mobile-client customers engagement
Google Plus

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