Change comes from the top.

We can't bank on cold transactional value of a customer to grow. We need to win their heart and mind with inspiring ideas that have a deep relevance in their lives.

Our way to change the game starts with transforming the way people think of their businesses and brands – these are people at the top who will lead the change.

Look in from the outside

Find the right consumer context to engineer the brand.
Because we cannot engineer the consumer looking inside-out.

Our focus is people and not processes

The consumers: People whose life will be transformed by the brand. And second, your core team: People who create, nurture and manage businesses and brands.

Start with consumers

It's not target consumers.
Not demographics. Not psychographics. Not data points.
But who is the most valuable consumer with whom the brand will build a relationship?
And what context and behaviour gives the brand a profitable business opportunity?

What's true about you

We deep dive into your business to unearth what's true and relevant about you that can make a sustainable difference to consumers' lives.

Discover consumer insights

Explore the heart and mind.
What do they really care about, and what's relevant and motivating that drives their behaviour.

Insights to idea

Insights inspire transformational ideas.
Ideas that manifest in brands and brand eco-systems to create endearing values.

Powered by purpose

A business or brand must have an inspiring purpose in life: a raison d'être. To answer this existential issue and much more, we have our own unique way of doing Business & Brand Purposing.

It provides a framework to think outside-in and develop game-breaking ideas. It provides a simple, fresh perspective to differentiate and grow brands or businesses. It also tells how the team has to play.

That's our brand strategy in a nutshell.

Get the team to play

Teach people how to fish instead of giving them fish.
Develop capabilities and a game plan

 Celsius100 has been a genuine partner to us – working as virtually our extended brand team. SG and his team's intellect and commitment is exceptional and they have time and again shown us that they are truly passionate and committed to our brands.  

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